That’s a Wrap (on my major project)!

When I first saw the outline for the major project, I felt a little panicked and as though it would be impossible for me to plan and carry out something that would fit the requirements.  Now, as I look back on the semester and what I have accomplished, not only was it possible, but it was enjoyable at the same time!

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My project is entitled, “Fostering Digital Citizenship Through the Use of Seesaw: Creating Digital Citizens through Digital Opportunity”, and it was more effective and successful than I could have imagined.  I didn’t think a few words on this page could accurately describe the process I went through to organize and teach this unit to my students, or express my thoughts on it moving forward.  So…I created a screencast to summarize my journey (something else I didn’t ever think I’d be able to do) that can be accessed below.

I created a few resources to go along with my project as well.  There was a unit overview, a commenting outline to introduce my Grade 2/3 students to commenting appropriately, and a commenting bookmark that my students use when they are using Seesaw to comment on their peers’ work.  If any of these resources would be helpful to you and your teaching, feel free to use them or alter them in any way that you see fit.

This project was enlightening for me.  It reinforced the importance of teaching digital citizenship to students, no matter how young they may be, and opened my eyes to the level of interaction that our students have with the digital world on a daily basis.  If we are able to give our students the tools necessary to navigate their digital community, teach them the qualities that are necessary to be a positive digital citizen, and the digital etiquette skills in order to create a digital footprint that they will proud to acknowledge, we will be setting them up for a future of success; one that will extend even further than we could ever imagine.

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2 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap (on my major project)!

  1. brittanyfricksblog April 2, 2018 / 11:44 pm

    I love your commenting bookmarks, Staci! Super cool. Congrats on what sounds like a super successful project!


  2. thehackelhub April 3, 2018 / 4:46 am

    Congrats on an awesome project, Staci! I have to agree with Brittany, that commenting bookmark is amazing! I think that could be used in so many different ways to encourage healthy, positive engagement online in early years. ❤


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